How to know if people are safe to make transactions?

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That’s a great way to keep your safe but just remember, mostly for us females, the creeps are always ahead of measures we take to protect ourselves. So the $50 or ensures added security in not getting robbed. But creeps will be lurking with those low price items bc they know the lower price item immediately puts you at a lower level of awareness. Always inform them your boyfriend,husband, brother will also be with you. If possible, even have a mans voice talk with them when arranging meeting place. You will quickly never hear back from them again.
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Thank you will mark prices as no negotiable
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Thank you. I am fairly new at this but looking at a profile of so called 4th grader that has no tru or other things makes me nervous. She wanted my item for free. I said I can't do that. Then had guy saying will come 12 . no messages no answer . I m Leary when I have other appts.
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That’s the beauty of those texting apps Smiley Happy number without the worry. Once you’re done, you're free to delete.
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I believed I was taking every precaution necessary when dealing with face-to-face sales. I always drag the Hubs along. I never reveal my actual location. I even have a virtual phone number to use that doesn't reveal anything about my privacy.
I followed "ground in stone" rules like; 1) Never have more cash than necessary on my person; 2) always have my cell phone on & easy for me to access; 3) Never give buyer item until they have presented the cash; 4) If an item should need to be tested, have whatever is required on hand; 5) Pay attention to the buyer's behavior; 6) Meet in very visible places with witnesses around; 7) Let the Hubs deal with attempts to steal; 8)Listen to the hairs on the back of my neck.

The Hubs taught me "STTOP" a 3rd Armored Cav. term--Safety Through Thorough Operational Procedures! to keep me safe in ALL situations.
The Hubs insisted I not do business with persons with only a Facebook or Google verification because these are easily faked. Also, carefully review the person's profile. If their missing items that can be used to identify the person then he advises I move on. The Hubs is a retired Army Forward Observer and can be too abrupt. I am of the opinion there is never a reason to be rude.
In conclusion, the safest manner to conduct sales is to use OfferUp Shipping!
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My husband is gone. He passed away. I have a guy interested in something . I set up apt at 1200 at Wawa but he's not responding just reading my messages. If he don't respond by 11 I'm not driving out there .
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@Afmom828 I wouldn't meet anyone alone. No responses after agreeing to purchase an item is a common occurrence in this type of sales forum because there isn't any type of consequence for their actions, i.e., losing their payments or receiving a negative review.
I would recommend not wasting a lot of your time when the buyer has read but not replied the first time.
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I always try to meet people in a very public safe place. I’m not a true you member because of all their spam but I meet everyone either at a police station or somewhere very public and recorded like home depot
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Its really hard to know who is or is not a safe / good person. Which is why i would treat everyone with the same assumption-this person could potentially harm me. Therefore always follow these set rules and NEVER make an exception-the 1 time you do, God forbid could be the time that you get hurt.
RULE 1. Never give out your address or last name
2. Never go to someones house
3 Always meet out in the open- at a public place- 7-11 , starbucks , walmart etc
4 Never meet at night
5 Never go alone-if you havent got a trusted bud or relative, take your dog
6 you can communicate through the offer up app dont feel obligated to give your phone number.
7 Always have your cell phone handy, charged, & turn on your location so your whereabouts can tracked.
8 trust your gut if you get a bad vibe even the smallest thing rubs you the wrong way about someone-its okay to say, "sorry i changed my mind" and leave.
Good Luck and wishing Positive/Safe selling/buying experiances to you my Offer Up friends and neighbors!
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After talking to who I’m buying or selling I always meet at my local food mart. They also have a gas station on the lot. Has cams and lots of people. Never had any problems and all the people I’ve meet so far have been the best. Yes had some that are no shows but I’m close to home so not to much of a waste. Just remember. More people is always the best.  Be safe and if it seems funny , get back in car and go. Call police. First, and always first. More people.