How to know if people are safe to make transactions?

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A lot people show up on OfferUp for buying and selling stuff.

I just wonder if any hint for me to know if the person I deal with is safe.


Hey @quang! There are definitely ways! It's always best to make sure they are a TruYou member. You can read all about it here. Make sure to also always check their ratings, use our in-app messaging system for all conversations if you choose to have them with that person, and pick a safe meetup spot if it comes to that point, like a grocery store, shopping mall, or police station. We also have Community MeetUp Spots where we have partnered with local businesses and police stations to offer safe places where you can meet. More tips here too

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Usually what I do with people who have no ratings or no listings or profile picture up I bring someone with me and meet up somewhere public always theres a market by my place and security is always outside if not there i meet them at a walgreens somewhere very public or at the mall there a lot of people there. One thing I dont do is meet up after dark especially if your selling something expensive people will try and steal it if its worth money so when you're selling something $50 or more meet somewhere public and bring someone with you if you can. Ive had some people tell me to meetup at 8 or 9 and that they cant meet up any other time, dont do it just tell them sorry cant meet up passed dark or a certain time thats what I do always.

Good Point , no meeting after dark.  Otherwise police station is the safest especially if you are alone. 

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I totally agree with Elin
Also there are new profile tools from OfferUp for everyone to see that helps them make up there minds if people are reliable, and how quickly they reply too messages and more.
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Check out some of the discussions on best practices and pro tips, and go with your gut. Just some recap on what’s been mentioned, 1. Check their rating and date joined, 2. Choose a safe public place to meet, 3. If they make you uncomfortable you’re better off waiting for other offers to come in.
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The sad fact is there are people who are selling things because they’ve fallen on hard times. They may have a bill due soon or under some time constraint to get cash. Many people are only looking to flip the item you have for sale. I recommend listing your items at a price with room to negotiate.
I tend to avoid those people who troll late at night.
If you’re selling something large from your house, use caution. Before I moved I sold a ton of things on OfferUp and other apps. I would give them a street corner to meet at first. It isn’t difficult to meet them at the end of the block. This allows you to check them out first. Making sure you don’t reveal your address to someone who doesn’t intend on showing or buying. Meeting at your home should only be done with your really large items ie furniture. Have someone with you at home also.
I’ll use more caution when negotiating or meeting with people who have yet to earn any ratings. They are more likely the ones who no show.
OfferUp is a great tool for selling and buying just use common sense.
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Make sure it’s during the day, in public, not at each other’s house’s, no cell numbers, email address, also, bring someone with you if possible.

@Chris555 @Gusman @Mark4 @JesusSaves @Decades_Antqs All great tips and points! Haha, and thanks @Hotrod 

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Always meet during the day and at a public location, if the person seems sketchy the I’d say wait for another buyer