How to know if people are safe to make transactions?

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Yes @Yunghollywood21 I totally agree with you
That’s why OfferUp has added new profile tools to help people make their decisions in buying.
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Follow your gut feeling
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Aren't the payments direct
Not in person? I am new to this.. So I am also curious.
A young guy basically stole my 500$ speaker that he wanted in trade for working for me. Never showed up to do what he was supposed to do for me
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Good question . Well I’ve been doing the whole buy sale and trade things for forever and over the years you kind of get a feel for real or the time wasters. First check thier ratings then also check thier location. Sad but true some areas of any city are less inviting to go to. Have the person meet you on your own side of town so that if they don’t show up you don’t have to go out of your way. Always meet in a well lighted and frequent people friendly place ie convenient store. Offer up is by far the safest buying and selling site because you get more information to process before meeting the person.
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Some people on offer up are flakes, always check ratings, and profiles.
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Always meet in a public location near your home. Dont 8nvite them to your home.unless you done alot of business with them. I have sold alot of items without any bad encounters at a public location.

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Yea it’s all about knowing who not to waste time with. @Dancalderon1 i know you’re just venting and trust me we all feel your pain, we all know what you’re talking about but really there will always be people like that in our lives, it’s just seems more prevalent online here at OfferUp and elsewhere. @PaulnSandra did share some great wisdom, just gotta learn from each experience and get better at reading people.

If you do recruitment you’ll get all kind of crazy and unqualified applicants. If you do sales you encounter all kind of rude people who are rude to you for no reason. If you’re in customer service, people get mad at you for helping with a product they didn’t make. And if you sell and trade there’s always be lowballers, it just wouldn’t be normal otherwise. I would probably freak out if no one low ball me in a week.
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Check their profile. You will be able to see how many transactions they have completed. Be cautious of ones without a picture or no transactions.
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I kind of agree for some females not to meet after dark... however I come home after 9:30 pm most days of the week and I can’t leave work to sale a spare item... so just because I am TruYou badgers that brings more trust to my buyer to meet with me after dark... so I recommend you to tell your buyer or seller in the messaging that to take their time and give their ID CARD to OfferUp to bring more trust by being TruYou... this is when you badly want to sell or buy an item and have a after dark issue... so incurage all your buyers or sellers to scan their ID CARD with OfferUp 😉