How to know if people are safe to make transactions?

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Prior to messaging — look at their profile — stars and the way they speak with you will be some indication.

Meet in the day time whenever possible, if you works days — try on the weekend.

Choose a meet-up place closer to you, preferably somewhere with cameras — just to be on the safe side.
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@CeceliaMarie26 To check out how long they have been there is pretty judge mental. Everyone has to start here sometime. None of us just suddenly appear w years here behind us, right?
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That was a reply to someone's criteria posted close to the start of this thread. Wonder why it doesn't have their name, so it was clear who I'm writing in response to? ( another glitch in the system?)
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@RevKaelene Not a glitch. Until we are able to introduce threaded comments, you need to put an @ in front of the user's name for them to get notified Smiley Happy

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I have always(except w the statement below this one, where I could not find the comment the reply button immediately under the statement I am responding to, that's why I jokingly called it a glitch.
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I picked the wrong person as sold to and received a 1 star rating from someone I never sold to, how do I get this fixed? It was my first sell and everything went perfect except for that, I want to rate the real person I sold to and receive my real rating from the person I sold to.
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Meet in public place or if you meet at your or sellers home, always have someone with you!
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Hi @Marco_design,lot of ppl won't do the TruYou, like myself, who was personally advised by a fraud computer crimes Fed detective, to NEVER send in a copy of your state ID or Drivers License BC of Identity theft. He said the only safe way would be to black out EVERYTHING on the front and back. In my state of California, everything from your birth cert. to your tax status, to where you' be lived, all the way to your Social Security # can be found in the data codes on the back of it. He even advised never to give out your address to any business that has their calls answered overseas. To do this and the state ID thing, is equal to handing them the keys to your car and your home and putting out a big WELCOME SIGN for them. When a detective investigator from the fraud/computer crimes area says that, IM GOING TO LISTEN. 10 yes ago it was $160,000. Three 1/2 weeks ago it was my google acct that gave them enough info to change my email address and PW for my loan company.
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Regarding Meeting Anyone For A Sale Make Sure It's During The Day plus The Place you Meet is somewhere were you visited before
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That’s awesome you get together with the community to make things safe for both the seller and the buyer!