How to know if people are safe to make transactions?

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Thats the same ? i had
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That’s a great idea. I myself only meet in a mall or a public store during the day.
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Thanks For The Feedback Much Needed.
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This is my main comcern as well. Im always worried ill send the item and they wont pay or if i buy something then i worry about if the product will come. How do u know if a buyer is safe or not and actually legit??
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Hi there, @JessaNaeNae28!


I definitely recommend checking out our Tips blog which can be found here. I'd recommend that you don't send anything unless you're using OfferUp shipping. And it's generally a good idea to not exchange any funds until the item has been inspected because once funds are transferred the transaction is complete, so you def want to fully inspect items before handing over any cash. 


Remember, you're in control of who you engage with. If you ever feel uncomfortable with a buyer or seller, you can always block them. We recently posted about Reputation over here, which has some helpful tips on trusting community members. 

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When I meet up with people, I always meet inside a store, and tell them what color of shirt I'll be wearing, so they know it's me. Also, after the transaction is made, I either wait for them to leave first, or if they are hanging around, for my safety (Not wanting anyone to follow me home.), I'll go to Starbucks, and have a cup of coffee, to pass the time & throw them off the path of where I might live!🤔
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Good Idea....
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I live in Hillsborough County Florida (Tampabay area) and we have had stories on the news about people meeting to sell their items either from OfferUp, Craigslist or the other sites. It got so bad that the HCSO is letting people conduct business in their office. Other counties are starting to follow their example to keep citizens safe.
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A non-negotiable request on my part is a cell phone number that is verifiable as being a true, with a service provider company. No, google voice, etc. phone numbers. It’s very simple to google search the number and verify.