How to know if people are safe to make transactions?

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That’s a great way to keep your safe but just remember, mostly for us females, the creeps are always ahead of measures we take to protect ourselves. So the $50 or ensures added security in not getting robbed. But creeps will be lurking with those low price items bc they know the lower price item immediately puts you at a lower level of awareness. Always inform them your boyfriend,husband, brother will also be with you. If possible, even have a mans voice talk with them when arranging meeting place. You will quickly never hear back from them again.
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Thank you will mark prices as no negotiable
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Thank you. I am fairly new at this but looking at a profile of so called 4th grader that has no tru or other things makes me nervous. She wanted my item for free. I said I can't do that. Then had guy saying will come 12 . no messages no answer . I m Leary when I have other appts.
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That’s the beauty of those texting apps Smiley Happy number without the worry. Once you’re done, you're free to delete.
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I believed I was taking every precaution necessary when dealing with face-to-face sales. I always drag the Hubs along. I never reveal my actual location. I even have a virtual phone number to use that doesn't reveal anything about my privacy.
I followed "ground in stone" rules like; 1) Never have more cash than necessary on my person; 2) always have my cell phone on & easy for me to access; 3) Never give buyer item until they have presented the cash; 4) If an item should need to be tested, have whatever is required on hand; 5) Pay attention to the buyer's behavior; 6) Meet in very visible places with witnesses around; 7) Let the Hubs deal with attempts to steal; 8)Listen to the hairs on the back of my neck.

The Hubs taught me "STTOP" a 3rd Armored Cav. term--Safety Through Thorough Operational Procedures! to keep me safe in ALL situations.
The Hubs insisted I not do business with persons with only a Facebook or Google verification because these are easily faked. Also, carefully review the person's profile. If their missing items that can be used to identify the person then he advises I move on. The Hubs is a retired Army Forward Observer and can be too abrupt. I am of the opinion there is never a reason to be rude.
In conclusion, the safest manner to conduct sales is to use OfferUp Shipping!
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My husband is gone. He passed away. I have a guy interested in something . I set up apt at 1200 at Wawa but he's not responding just reading my messages. If he don't respond by 11 I'm not driving out there .
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@Afmom828 I wouldn't meet anyone alone. No responses after agreeing to purchase an item is a common occurrence in this type of sales forum because there isn't any type of consequence for their actions, i.e., losing their payments or receiving a negative review.
I would recommend not wasting a lot of your time when the buyer has read but not replied the first time.
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I always try to meet people in a very public safe place. I’m not a true you member because of all their spam but I meet everyone either at a police station or somewhere very public and recorded like home depot