How to rate a scammer?

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Basically we bought a vacuum from a seller. He claimed it was used but has normal wear-and-tear and does not have any other issues. He gave us a $25 discount from the listing price as well.


We paid him $100, and got it home. Turns out it was busted and won't stay on. The guy is ignoring us and ended up marking it as sold to someone else so we couldn't leave a bad review. He has a 5 star rating with 20 reviews.


How do we go about being able to leave a negative review?

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That's messed up. Unfortunately, you cannot. The seller has to rate you first before you can rate him back. What you can do is report him to OfferUp via their profile.

Lesson learned, test things in the future :C
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She tried to scam me. I had to threaten the police to finally get her to send back an item she did not pay for. She sent the wrong item! Seller and buyer beware!!!!

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Who's that? Looks like you replied to the wrong thread?