How to sale your 1st vehicle

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Hi! This is my first time using this platform. Any helpful advice on how to sale my 1st vehicle on here?
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Hi Healthy1.
In any platform you can do the following:

1- Pictures are KEY! Use as many as you can.
2-If you have time, make a short video (no longer than 3 minutes) and online so you can give links to view.
3-Add details
-Year, make, model, miles, condition, etc.
-Does it have a story? Tell it!
-Price, payment, pickup details
4-Day(s)/Time(s) for viewing/inspection
5-I find when I include vehicle history reports and other checks that serious people come to view/buy it.
6-Clean the vehicle or have it detailed. Do you want to run and buy a dirty and nasty car, unless it is a barnyard find or rare vehicle?

Be honest. When details are left out or things are exaggerated, it just wastes time and neither party is happy. There is a buyer for every item for sale, just how many “tire kickers” do you want to see before the sale?

I only accept cash money, but that is up to you. Good luck getting that vehicle sold. Let us know how it went
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Thank you i sold both my vehicles on here