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So im fairly new to OfferUp and ive been trying to sell a couple item, well before i can i agree to any offers i want to make sure that i can input my bank info to have deposited. i have been all over the forum and also the HELP section and they all say the same thing, to tap on my "account" and then click on "add payment method" or such, but no such button exists. i have tried this on my phones app as well as on the computer and still cant get it done. i dont know if its an ongoing issue or if its something temporary but i would like to know i can trust OfferUp. any help?

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Welcome to the Community Forums @Cgonz0au. Sorry to hear your having trouble with this. Are you saying, on your profile page, there is no tab that reads, "payments and receipts"?

If that is the case, I don't have an answer for that. Maybe our Community Manager @Elin can offer you further assistance. There are others in the forums who may also have more info regarding this particular problem.


Keep us updated on getting this resolved.


EDIT: I also just remembered, I don't think the payment feature is available in all markets yet as well.

Set up a payment account

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Yes, i am not able to see any tabs to add payment or deposit information. thanks

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Hey there @Cgonz0au. You need to contact Customer Support about this and they will be able to help. You can contact them here. Let me know if you have any other questions! 

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I'm having the same issue!
Was this ever resolved? I've been working with support for going on 2 weeks.
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Yes, @Neonnicole78, this was a resolved issue. However, if your having a similar issue, your already working with the folks at support who will help you.


Maybe you can get further assistance from our Community Manager @MJ_206

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what's the fix for this issue? I've been working with support for a week now. Two of my inquiries went unanswered.
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@Neonnicole78 Have you received your money yet?

I am trying to work with customer service as well, and I cannot get an Expert Request to respond nor a personal email to help assist me in what may be a very simple mistake. They also started flagging posts from users with similar issues to this, so we have to get in an organized line within these threads to await help months down the line. This is unprofessional.

@Mj_206 Again, please send me a personal email to help me get my money.

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Nope. STILL no money.
They say my bank info was incorrect, but I don't have the option to edit it in the app or desktop.
I've tried twitter, FB, here, and they are not prompt at responding to inquires on their site if I get a response at all.

Incredibly inappropriate.
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@Neonnicole78 Then keep posting, keep tagging the moderators and admins, keep requesting help from an expert. Blow them up and get your money. They are ignored 5 of my Expert Requests already and constantly say that they will follow-up via email but never do. They have also deleted at least 4-5 of my posts on the topic already, so they are covering up what is going on as well.