I NEED A REFUND (Transaction: #3343074)

Seller is no longer shipping item because there were undisclosed damages to the item that she did not post in listing. Seller has agreed to refund, but OfferUp is the one holding funds.


If the seller does not ship, by default you will be refunded. If you search the forums, realistically...it will take about 10 buisness days (not including Sat/Sun/Holidays) to see the money ONCE the transaction is canceled.

And there’s no other way to expedite that process besides waiting it out?? No customer service email or phone number?? The seller has equally agreed that I need to be refunded but she can’t do anything either because offer up is the one who has my money as ‘Pending’.


Technically, OfferUp's TOS states that refunds will take "3-5 business days", but that can also equate to 1 full week, since that does not include Sat/Sun. From what users have specificed, it actually takes a bit longer than what is specificed on the terms of service.


There is no phone support, but you can reach out to shipping support within the app, but it will not expedite the refund process.