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Payment after shipping
It’s been. Total of 42 days since my sale was final and the customer gave me a 5 star rating but I have yet to receive my money can you PLEASE PLEASE help me out I’m so frustrated 😥
That really stinks unfortunately lesson learned do not ship until paid! But you f sold an expensive item like over $100 you can sue the person for fraud - if it is less than that it’s not worth it cause of the filing fees in the Court especially if you shipped it out of state - so many exist with having to take legal action - plus even if you sue- you still may not even get your money
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I got paid but offerup hasn’t released my funds yet it Just keeps saying “deposit pending” for 42 days now 🔥
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-Ciao' @Duane1-
---Just Escalated your post 👍
Hope you receive your resolution very soon... 👌☺
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Thx you so much
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I am having the same issue, so annoying. How were you able to leave this post? I dont know where to write my question. 

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Welcome to the Community forum @Edward15
Try this... compliments of the astute Commmunity Manager, Mj_206
Please refrain from submitting more than (1) ticket per claim, as the Customer Care Team diligently processes them in order of which they were received. More tickets cause more delays...
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Hi can you please escalate my case too. Thank you
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Hey there @Edward15!
Will do my best to guide you...
However, there is only so much we are able to do in the Community forums regarding personal profiles & accounts.
The Community forum was designed to help users share ideas, learn some new tips / tricks, while making friends along the way!
Maybe a bit more information may assist us in guiding you more efficiently. Ty 😉