I am being forced to join TruYou to continue using OfferUp

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I was using Offerup fine for 3 days until a popup saying join TruYou has started stopping me from sending messages or offers, I have tried to contact support, but have gotten minimal help. I have now given up on trying to get around using TruYou and have tried to sign up with my Passport, but it is not working, people have said I can use my passport but there is no option to change the verification from Drivers License to Passport, and when I try to use my passport it does not work. Please Help!

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There are probably certain behaviors that cause the algorithm to mandate the TruYou protocol. I highly doubt that presenting a passport will work without an actual OU employee making some sort of manual exception, as the app is only setup/allowed to work in the US.


If you don't have a DL, you can obtain a state ID in most US states at the local DMV in a short period of time. Another option is to use your wife's/relative's/freind's/imaginary person's account from another device. It seems that this happens often, as someone else other than the image on the profile pic has appeared at more than a couple of my transactions.

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Im 14, so my passport is my only option (it is an American Passport) OfferUp support told me I could use my passport but I dont know how


Update the app if you have yet to do so...


Here are the instructions

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I have fully updated the app, I just wanna know if i can use my passport for truyou

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I too today am now being forced to use truyou to continue using the app. This is super frustrating as I have tryed applying for it nearly 7 times, and each time it fails. I have made sure that the image is sharp and clear without any sunglare and have tried contacting support to receive a relatively generic message, and no response after stating the specifics of issue I am experiecing. Any help would be much appreciated as I don't have a passport or other government issued ID I can use and would rather not have to make a new ID/Passport to use the app.  

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@Elin  Could you help me with this? I have tried contacting support twice and received generic answers that are stated in the offerup app and then no response. I have tried to apply for truyou nearly 10 times and my pictures are perfectly clear with no glare, and I have lined them up properly app. 


It looks like it's been a while since Elin has been on the forum. You might want to try making contact with @Mj_206 instead.


I am curious if the issue is hardware related or some software bug? Have you tried using another phone (a completely different brand/model) to get TruYou verified?

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Thanks for the quick response @factsdontcare. I have tried both a Pixel 3 XL and an iPhone 6 with the same problem on both phones. Support has been mostly useless in terms of help thus far. Could you help me with this issue? @Mj_206  Thanks guys

I'm having the same problem says it cant read barcode on my licence