I am unable to post a new sealed 4K firestick that was purchased from Amazon?

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@Krparkerone wrote:
One hell of a game, huh??? Lol. I'm originally from Greenville, SC so we were all watching & screaming here too. So happy for Clemson!!! Go Tigers!!!

lol. Well, I lived in Gville for awhile but am back home in Charleston. I went to Carolina. I was watching the game in hopes that Clemson would lose. I can't stand Clemson and disappointed they won.

I'm sorry. But glad for you that your team won. :-)

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Oops! Sorry! 😬 To be honest, I really don't care all that much about football really but my nieces went to Clemson & my mom is a die hard fan so I just love to see them happy. But thanks for being such a good sport about it! 😊 Happy New Year!
I am always able to post but I have tried eight times today and it lets you do everything and says that it's done but there is no post.
Please help us people.... LoL!
Thank you in advance.