I can’t reply to my offers

Level 1
I can’t reply to my msg. It keeps asking me to join TruYou and when I press on “join” nothing happens. I email OfferUp and I still haven’t received a response. I already send my Driver license and send my selfies. Why can’t I reply to my offers???
Level 1
Same thing is happening to me! Can someone please help us?
Level 9
To clarify, what error code are you guys getting? Maybe they're slightly diffrent.
Level 1
Everytime i try sending a message saying i have to join tru yu bug when i try joining truyu it doesn't allow me as well gives me an error message. I also know that in order to sell on here is it not obligatory to join truyu is optional
Community Helper
@Justme9 it depends on the items you are messaging about. The higher the value (price) means you have to join TruYou. That is so Offerup can protect both buyer and seller. If you are having issues, contact support. https://offerup.com/support/new