I cannot stand flakes

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I can't stand them just had someone messege me saying oh can we meet right now I gave her the address and that's it she never replied back I get at least 2 of those a day.
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I know the feeling got together all the items this buyer wanted headed over to the meet and they showed up
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It happens, whether it's a good reason or not.

No way to avoid it really.

Although I don't think it's your job a seller to do it, I'd advise a one time 'are you still interested, please let me know so I know whether to move on or not' or something similar.

If they don't respond during 24h, you can either hide the message chain or block them if you think they're not work doing business with.
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We should be able to rate buyers without making sale. If we can rate people that are flakes others wil know not to waist there time on people that don't show up for a deal that was made.
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That ia true but there are the ones that agree to a time & place to meet & dont show up.
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Hey guys. Just wanted to pop in here and say we hear you. We're working on new features to make it better for everyone. 

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I agree. I had 2 women not show up today. So frustrating. At least send them a message.
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I hear ya Jaxberto. Got a few last week.

Also, would like to take opportunity to thank the 'Community' for all the warm 'welcomes' & the great advice/ideas/techniques given.

Be seeing y'all!

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Maybe a feature of the embedded function of the "Make offer" function to implement a "commit" or "are you sure?"
check before sending the message.
That might discourage some of the less serious buyers to not send the message at all.
Remember,we are a convenience oriented society and if it takes more than a few short steps to respond,it becomes more than they want to commit to.
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Super interesting insight, @Retech2018!! I can see where you're coming from on this. We have definitely made making offers and posting items as easy as possible, which could result in those increased offers fro non-serious buyers. I haven't thought about it this way before!