“I’d like to buy this at your asking price”... disappears forever*

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The mystery of the disappearing buyer...

Where do they go? I reply kindly. Yet, they vanish without a trace. Why do they message me at all? Who are these people? What’s it all for? It’s madness I say. Madness!
Level 9
You likely have "firm" ticked. They were also likely trying to offer you less. In my experience it is usually much less than I was asking.
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It’s not that I’ve marked it firm, I always make sure that’s off. It’s just this weird thing I’ve experienced so many times. I just thought it was a bit humorous so I posted about it Smiley Happy
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So refreshing to see a post with a sense of humor that looks at this type of buyer with a "glass half full" attutude! Thanks for the giggle Smiley Happy