I don’t know what offerup is doing ... too many issues

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Hi guys ,

As many others , I’m a seller on offerup as well . Selling phone cases pretty much . I tried the shipping feature and didn’t work out that well . After many issues I got paid . A few weeks ago , I sold another case and got my payment in just a few days with NO issues. I was happy the shipping and payment options were Finally working . Well, one day I woke up and the shipping feature was gone . I noticed people with just a few items , no feedback or any selling record still have it ? I just don’t get it why people just selling just a few items can sell nationally and experienced sellers like myself can’t . I’ve sold about 400 + items on offerup and honestly , don’t Mind paying their selling fees . The 7.9 % fee they charge is not a big deal for me .

Today , I received a notification if I wanted to set up a “ cashless payment thing “ . Honestly , I am scared to try their new features if they can’t even fix the shipping issue .

I contacted their customer support ( they’ve been good with me , I just have to be patient ) and they asked me to delete and reinstall the app . I did and nothing happened .

I just don’t understand why shipping is only available for selected sellers .

I also noticed how my sales decreased on offerup , I am selling the same items on Facebook market and eBay and things seem to be normal there . I even lowered my price on here and nothing . I don’t even get that many views anymore . People not buying stuff on offerup anymore ?

Best of luck on your sales guys !!!
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This reply will not offer any suggestions but, I just wanted to commend you on your selling success thus far, despite your current issues. I am just getting started with selling and I wanted to communicate with other sellers and be a part of the selling community in hopes that I can also successfully sell my items as well as get pointers from other sellers!! Meanwhile, I hope your issue gets straightened out sooner than later! 🤞🏼I will be looking out to see if you post again except, next time I hope it’s feedback stating that your issue has been resolved. Blessings to you! 🙏🏼