I got scammed and yet no help.

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I got scammed over OfferUp shipping about 2 weeks ago when I bought 2 items that sellers claimed they are authentic. However, the item got shipped to me. When they arrived I found they are not original.
I submitted a Buyer's claim, but unfortunately, OfferUp didn't solve this matter or send me an email answering my requests. The only emails I received are : 1- the first claim is received. 2- a survey question about my experience with customer service ( which I feel like is not existing).
Now I ripped of and I couldn't get these items for the Christmas and I lost my trust on OfferUp shipping and buyer protection. Because it looks like lot of scammer fund this platform safe for them to do there bad business.
However, I still need a help from you guys how I deal with this issue to be solved and also I need a help from OfferUp staff to communicate in a best manner that we do through the app features.
Thank you and merry christmas!!!
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Try OfferUp's Twitter, PM them a brief explanation.
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I will. Thank you !
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Hi #goblin,
Do you know if I need to send a message to #offerup or #offerupsupport on Twitter??
Thank you!
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When I did it a while back it was OfferUp

So I'm sure they both help.