I got scammed through PayPal and offer up won’t help.

Hey everyone I went to purchase a item on offer up the person told me to use PayPal to avoid the fees which I was comfortable with and then we had a long conversation that went on for about 1 month and I never got my package and I went through PayPal and they told me it was a lost and offer up there is no one to call to help me I lost 1600$ off someone who can just scam so easy on this I don’t get it , anyways the packaged was delivered then sent back to him then lost and just a lot of stuff went on in a month or more and I tried but no one could help me not even my bank but I know there has to be a way because the money I sent was obviously connected to a bank or a number or a email of course but no one can help me I don’t get how easy it is to just scam looked up the profile pic he had and it was fake from a article that was made . Anyone can help ?


OfferUp will only provide support if you stay within the app.


No one here can help you.


The only "legal" method to obtain the seller's info is for law enforcement to issue a subpoena/warrant to OfferUp, which means that LE will have to be pursuaded that a crime has been committed. You can plead to your local police department, but the chances are slim, unless there was some bank/wire fraud involvement.