I had 2 shipments canceled after the item was shipped and I was not paid even though they got the it

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I am having the exact same issue. I shipped the product, the shipping label that I was provided took one week to get from California to New York. The tracking link was posted in the Buyer’s and my chat. Mid shipment all of a sudden it says that The transaction was “canceled.” The buyer was sent a message that I, the seller, canceled the transaction which is false. I contacted buyer once the package showed delivered. Buyer then said they didn’t receive it but money was collected from them and taken out of their account. At this point I was disillusioned by the whole process. I tried figuring out the correct process to contact offerup and explain the situation, but have not been able to. A couple days passed and the buyer contacted me again and said that the package was actually delivered on the date the tracking said it was, but the front desk, in the building the buyer lives in, had misplaced the package or something like that, but he received it now and to contact offer up for my money. Smh. This has been weeks now. All I want to know is how to contact offerup and get my money. I will never ship anything through offerup again.
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Hello I am having the same issue right now for several hundred dollars items that I sent, were delivered, and then cancelled by OfferUp. My frustration is through the roof at this point and it’s actually affecting my daily life. I don’t understand how an app this significant can be so completely unreliable and erroneous. This site is a disgrace to e-commerce. It’s been weeks and all I ever get are these tedious automated messages that just get me more and more aggravated
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I’m in the same exact situation I guess I lost my money now....I tried to explain to them but no response All I want is give me one more day to get the tracking numbers working it just need like 8 hrs after they canceled the tracking numbers the items is delivered....now I lost my items and didn’t get the money!This is the first and the last time I would do transaction in here!never ever again....I’ll delete this app