I hate it when I posted a knife for sale and tons of others remain.

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I emailed support and they told me to report others. Why can’t you search for them yourself? I don’t have time to report everyone on there. Why do you have outside ads on your site even like WalMart offering the same prohibited item like mine that you deleted? What’s wrong with selling a knife that’s 4” long but the 12” kitchen knife is ok?????
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As they have said, if you see users with prohibited items report them.

A bot can flag them and staff can also manually flag items, but they still need our help — "proffesional flagger" is not a job title. I'm sure they have other priorities.


"Why can't I post ________."

I would have to guess not allowing some specific items has to do with OfferUp protecting itself from being sued.

Knives are a grey area, it all depends on their main purpose.

If you're unsure if your ad falls under said grey area, ask before posting.

That way if a bot flags it you have proof of your ad being allowed by staff and can contest.

"Prohibited: Knives primarily used as weapons or for self-defense. Note: Cutlery, kitchen, and utility knives are generally permitted."

Now, on in app ads.

Yeah, they need to tweak their algorithm.

Currently, it works by making ad suggestion for past / similar seaches.

It may seem hypocritical to show ads this way, but they don't actually sell them.

You are in fact linked to said sites. Usually reputable places like Walmart / Khols as you've stated which allow said items to be sold.

Look at it this way — they're giving you a place where you can purchase these items since the app doesn't allow it.
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I have reported other knife posts for days, as suggested. But!!!!! They are all still up. This place is a joke.
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Still reporting knives being sold that are against the rules and still they are up and for sale.

Defend all you want but why have rules if the hosts don’t even follow them!!!! OfferUp?!?!? OfferUp better apps!!!!!!

Go to Letgo! You won’t be disappointed and they are not a bunch of weinies over there!!!!
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I had the same problem on offer up the stuff being sold here u can turn anything to a weapon and I had such a nice knife I wanted to sell they tool it off
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That’s because they suck. Even when I was told to report other sale
Posts they still remain up even days later. This app is a joke