I have been scammed!

Level 3
So I bought a iphone x 256gb phone with the original box and all cords etc from a seller on here. They agreed to ship through Offerup so both parties can have protection. I made an offer and they accepted it so the funds were Immediately taken from my account until they shipped the item and everything is cleared. Well after a few days I had to remind the seller to please send the item as discussed prior to purchase was supposed to be ASAP. I get an alert two days ago that they just decided to ship the item so I was happy to see some progress. Today I get an alert through Offerup that my item has been delivered so I was very excited and looked outside on my porch and nothing. So I go to my mailbox and there is a very light large envelope about the size of a folder and thickness of a couple of peices of paper with some small plastic item the size and feel of a very small phone case or credit card something very very light weight. This is definitely not my nice box set iPhone x 256 GB I ordered and I'm very frustrated and I opened up a buyer protection ticket and nobody has reached out to me whatsoever and the worst thing about it is I ordered another iphone 8 plus that I didn't even receive yet from the same seller on the same day. So obviously I'm not getting that one either! Can somebody please help?
Level 9
Reach out to @Mj_206 she has helped me with any problem I’ve had.
Level 3
Thank you I'll reach out to @Mj_206