I have some items for sale if anyone is interested.

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We cannot see your app profile at all here on the forums. Also this is a nationwide forum. You cannot advertise on here.
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@Darths Welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,

Darths I agree with aidenholley it’s against OfferUp Community forum guidelines to advertise in the forum. When you get a chance check out the OfferUp Community forum guidelines below it will help you moving forward. 😎🇬🇧🔚

Edit; Intangible Items

Examples of things that are not allowed include:

Services for intangible items such as dog walking, babysitting, and IT support
Links to or information about flea markets, yard sales, and garage sales
URLs or links to websites
Rentals and timeshares
Multi-level marketing schemes and related promotional materials
Job postings
Lost pet ads
Wanted ads
Digital account transfers

Online Community/Forums:
Community Guidelines: https://community.offerup.com/t5/Welcome/Community-Guidelines/m-p/47#M5