I just got scammed

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So i planned on getting a new phone and the dude whos selling is no where near me but he insists he'd ship it and i pay in cash to his brother who lives near my area. I pay the cash and they give me a tracking number but it hasnt been working for the past 3 days now and the seller wont answer. I search up the tracking number and its a fedex sample door tag number on google images so now i want my money back
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If doing shipping, it is best to do it within the app. That way if anything happens the sale can be canceled or you have protection. If doing cash, it is always best to do it when you can see the item. At this point you went off app to do the transaction. There is nothing to do besides contact the seller to try to get a refund.
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Definitely got scammed. Dont count on the seller ever returning your messages. Tough lesson learned.