I just got scammed

Level 1
I paid x an item and this guy Tony cancelled the sale and kept. The money. Did answer my text. Did not say why he cancelled. Reported 3 times and had not hear from Offer up. What to do??
Level 9
When you buy anything on offer up from a seller before you hand over the cash you must inspect the item you can not just hand over your money before inspecting the item you buying .we all make mistakes and sometimes we have to learn the hard way , don't trust anyone
Community Helper
@Ninicubana did you pay on Offerup? If so, Offerup will refund your money. If you went off app, I would talk with the place you did the payment through to see if they will help you.
Level 1
Wow I didn't know that was a thing to do on offer up. how is that possible? Don't you have to meet in person? What happened?

the guy handed over the airpods completely sealed

Level 9
Sorry for your even if the merchandiser is sealed you must check the merchandise before you pay people in today's world they are some of them this honest did you report it to OfferUp made a report to the police department got to be more careful.