I keep getting push notification for an item i offered on that ended up getting sold to someone else

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Not sure where else to post this. This forum really needs another section for help and troubleshooting.
Anyways, so two days ago i submit an offer and it ended up being sold to someone else. I got a notification for it stating so as well. Cool. All normal so far. But then about an hour later i get a notification for the same exact thing. I try deleating it this time but it still comes back. Now i ignore it hoping that will save me from it but nope, an hour later i get the push notification again. Anyone know what i can do to get rid of this issue? Do i just have to disable my push notification for the app because of this glitch? I really dont want to but at the same time, im getting tired of seeing this push notification every hour or so. Another thing is the person's account that im getting the push notification from is deleated. Im guessing that this is the cause of this whole issue. Maybe someone from offer up can look into it for me.

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Uninstall and re install . since the late 1999s AOL 3.0, this has resolved many issues