I'm Confused!

Level 2

I only joined this morning.

I posted two offers and they both sold within an hour or so. I was quite impressed.

I recently posted a new offer, but it doesn't show up on any of the page displays or search results.

I can see the offer in my list of offers, but it only shows views generated by me.

Am I doing something wrong?

Level 9
It happens sometimes, they are in a queue for a manual posting by ou customer service. I dont know why this happens sometimes, but it usually resolves in a few hours. If I dont see the "share listing" under it in my offers, its usually in limbo. If you are seeing views, the listing is actually visible to buyers. Just not in a search. Again, I am unclear why that happens. About 40% of my listings arent searchable by myself or my husbands account and yet they sell. Weird
Community Helper
Typically I refresh or wait until Sell Faster shows. I always see the Share Item when I initially post. Sometimes, as @RevivalGypsy said, it takes a while.