I might of gotten scam help

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I had purchased an I phone 7 plus from a seller on the app. I was waiting
to get some type of respond back like updates about my order package
ect.... haven't gotten any I don't know if it's to soon to start worrying
about it. I had messaged him through the app but he hasn't even seen it
....if he doesn't get back to me ever and I got scammed how can I get a
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Did you pay thru the app? Or did you go off the app to pay?
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I paid through the app
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Like at this point I just want my money back
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To whom it may concern- I have just reported a seller. The seller has shipped item. But now is demanding payment through PayPal ASAP as they do not want to wait for offer up to release funds once I have received product. The seller then replies 16 minutes later telling me that they want me to ship the product back. This is my first and probably last experience on offered up. The seller is obviously either trying to scam to get a double payment, impatient and or does not understand the process offer up has. I feel like I am caught in the middle when I wanted to do was to buy an antique trunk. The seller has become hostile and harassing. The problem is the product has shipped. I have not gotten it yet. I am certainly NOT sending an additional payment to PayPal. I have made the payment through the Offer Up AP and the funds are pending to be released per terms of service.. I have done things appropriately . I plan on keeping it if it meets my expectations. Can the seller cancel once the package has been scanned , shipped and received? Please give me some additional guidance or a customer service number I can call? . The payment specialist did not have a grasp on what the issue is. Help please.


I have never heard of an antique trunk weighing less than 20lbs? Per OU..."Items must weigh less than 20lbs and be smaller than 108 inches in length + girth.".

This is just the forum and most of just are end users as well. Your post is rather confusing, but since you paid via OfferUp, your money is safely held in an escrow account and out of reach of the seller, until the transaction is finalized.


Since you have already made contact with a customer support, there is no further assistance available to you, as there is no number to call.

Here are the scenarios:

If you receive the item and satisfied with it, the seller gets paid...done.


If the receive the item and is not as described, you can file a buyer protection claim. If you win the claim, you will be refunded.


If you never receive the item, the transaction automatically gets canceled, and you receive a refund.

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It was a small trunk. Like a doll trunk
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I thought my post was pretty clear. The seller does not want to wait for offer up to release funds and asked me to send another payment for the same amount through pay pal and then messages me 16 minutes later turns and wants me to send it back (at my expense). The terms of service are pretty clear on once an item is scanned and ship the seller can not rescind the offer. I have not gotten the item. For all I know I could be getting an empty box.


If the trunk is in transit, it will be disadvantageous for the seller to cancel the transaction, as you will receive the trunk and be refunded as well.


In theory, the seller can opt to use the USPS package intercept service, so that you do not receive the trunk, but your money will be safe and be refunded to you.

Just stay your course, as the OU rules are in your favor.  As I have indicaed, your money is out of reach of the seller, so you are in control.


If the box is empty, there will be a  weight difference from the USPS scale marking. File a buyer protection claim and you will win.