I need help

Level 1

As the title says I need help asap. A couple days ago I traded a laptop to someone and before hand i signed out of every thing and deleted all of my information from that laptop so it was pretty much cleaned. Just today I find out that there has been unauthorized charges on my Mothers bank account. $200 to be exact. Upon giving it a closer look i found out that this charge came from her google pay account. When i checked it i noticed that there had been a transaction for $200 sent to the same person that I traded the laptop to. I'm not sure what to do at this point, I've already reported him as a scammer a thief but I feel that this is my fault since I didn't delete the partion and just factory reset the laptop. He must of gotten the passwords to the accounts and now I feel really unsafe and I honestly do not know what to do. Someone please help me out here! What should i do? 




Time for damage control:

1. Close all financial accounts that were ever used from the laptop.

2. Reset all passwords tied to the email accounts used from the laptop.

3. File a police report. OU's hand's are tied with privacy rights, so they will not give you the buyer's info, but will provide the buyer's info to LE with a warrant/subpoena.