I need to refund a buyer

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Since I ccan't find a CS anywhere on offerup and I tried to cancel an order and it gave me an error message twice, I am flocking to this to see if any adept employee working for offerup can help me. 

I just got a notification that my funds were being transferred into my account, why? THe item was damaged by the post office and the buyer requested a refund.  THere is no transaction ID now because the process has appearently been completed.  


Why on earth would you operate a business like this with no means to cancel anything without getting error messages, no CS whatsoever.   I'm done with offerup once I give this girl her money back. 


So can someone tell me what I need to do?

Level 9
I wouldn't be offering a refund unless I had received the supposedly damaged item back. Any buyer that expects a refund without returning the unwanted item is probably a scammer.

Never shipped anything on here and never will, but I think the buyer has to initiate an official return request to OfferUp and return the item to you with the return label generated by the request.
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That's the form you fill out for Customer Support. It's not your fault that the package was damaged. I would instruct the buyer to submit a claim.