I think my account was hacked.

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You guys need to fix this app asap i changed my password multiple times and the hacker is still on my account i even deactivated my account and my profile is still up. And please add a feature where you can permanently delete posts my only option shouldnt just be “archive” smh!! 

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@Help_me Please reach out to our Customers Care team through Twitter at OfferUp if this option is available to you or from the link below. So Customer Care can look into your account and help resolve this issue. Using profanity in posts will lead to posts being edited to “bleep” and possibly posts being removed from threads. Please review our guidelines below this will help you moving forward.

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A delete option would just allow people to repost everyday and not be flagged, so you'll see more of the same items.

As suggested by Hotrod you need to reach out to support so they can end all sessions first to log everyone out before you change your pass.
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@Ceandra just tagging you into this thread for more information please review Mj_206 Community manager post on page one of this thread topic.
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I have been dealing with this today. I have changed my password, deactivated my account (3 times), and contacted customer service. I have been getting the login emails notifying me that an odd location has logged in.

I guess I’m most curious - is this a weakness in OfferUp hacking or does someone have My actual password and email combination on file now?