I thought offer up was for cheap used things?

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I love offer up, but I have seen so many people post things used and post them for the same price as if you bought it in the store... I thought this was to get rid of things and for small businesses. I feel like when I see these prices on some of these used things it wastes my time because there’s so much more to look at. I wish the prices were posted when you scroll so you could scroll past the ridiculous pricing on some of these items.
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Level 9
They had prices listed at one point, but ended up removing it because it may have been distracting... I thought it was at least. Pictures are way small to even tell what the items are most of the time.

Lack of research plays a part in the way some users set their prices.

Always ask either way if that is the lowest they'll accept.

You can also set the max amount under settings.