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Was lost there for a second.

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You can report a buyer by going to their profile → top right (little flag) → it will ask you for a reason — fill it out

Once you report, you will also have the option to block.


If it's in regards to a serious crime, consider contacting local authorities on the matter — OfferUp will work with them to resolve the issue.
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Hi @Moments welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,
Just to add Here’s the information from OfferUp,
How do I report a user or an item?
At OfferUp, we want to build a more enjoyable local buying and selling experience. Please report suspicious or offensive user behavior and any items that violate our Posting Rules.
After you report a user, you will also be given an option to block that person, which means you won’t receive further messages from them.
Reporting a User
You should report a user in cases where they have:
* Exhibited suspicious, illegal, offensive or harassing behavior.
* Sold a fraudulent item.
* Used an offensive profile image.
* Posted multiple items that violate our Posting Rules.
* Failed to show up to buy or sell an item.
To report a user, open their profile by tapping their picture and then tapping the popup card to go to their full profile. On the full profile, tap the Report button. You can also report a user through the OfferUp messaging system by tapping the Report button at the top of any message.
Blocking a User
To block a user, tap the report button and submit your report. You will then have the option to block the user.
To unblock a user please follow these instructions.
Reporting an Item
You should report an item in the following cases:
* The item is prohibited, including counterfeit, recalled, offensive, or stolen items.
* The item violates our Posting Rules.
To report an item, open the item detail screen and then tap the Report button.
Note: Reporting/blocking actions are kept anonymous.