I was blocked from talking to vendors

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I asked a salesman a question, I just asked if he would sell me his product or not, and after that I loffer does not make me hesitate to answer or ask questions to sellers, how to solve this?
Does anyone know please?
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"I loffer does not make me hesitate to answer or ask questions to sellers"

I'm unsure what you mean by this can you clarify.

Perhaps this particular user has blocked you?

Are you able to message other people or are you getting an error?
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I'm with @goblin. I cannot understand your question clearly?

You title reads "I was blocked from talking to vendors".

Unless you are seeing some kind of error code, it's most likely they are blocking you.

Are you making lowball offers? People get annoyed and will block you.


If your using cut and paste in replies, you'll get an error code and instruct you to go and revue the community guidelines. I believe you would need to do that to get a reset.


Please, clarify your comments so we can understand fully.

How can I be unblocked so that I can still enjoy offer up services. Please help me out
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what is
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Your issue may be a bit diffrent from OP @Eche

You gave no specifics, perhaps you were banned if you are unable to message more than one user.

Contact support: https://offerup.com/support/new/