I was scammed by a user who still posts on here

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I was unaware that there is a common scam for unboxed tv’s & if you google unboxed tv scam it explains that it very common.

I’d been hunting for a tv for some time & found a user with several posts of tv’s they sell in their small store. They were very cheap & states they are new unused, open box. The photos are of their showroom & they specialize in HDTV. I go to the address in the add where their showroom is & they explain the tvs in the posts are all sold. They were blemished models that would have need good for a patio or garage but not for the main living room. (So they lie to get me in the store.) I look around & decide on a tv that was more than I expected to spend but it’s a name brand & good model. They have a photo on the tv that’s very clear. I’m happy. I paid cash in full. I asked for the original box & they say their guy had just broke them all down & disposed of them earlier but they can bubble wrap it. (How convenient) Well I check & find it’s bigger than my car so I said I’d make arrangements to pick it up later. They casually mention they can deliver it in 2 days on their delivery day. I agreed, no problem.

Days later the driver shows up & gave me the wrong tv. When I came out to possibly sign papers before he leaves he’s giving me a second tv. After explaining I had purchased one only I get the receipt & find the first tv was wrong. He finds my tv In his truck so everything is fine but then he wants money for delivery. Nobody told me about any charges. He calls a manager & I speak on the phone. They wanted $78 delivery! After that argument I paid the driver $30, all I had on me & he leaves.

I hook up the tv & the colors are fading from left to right & almost a black & white tv at the far right. Colors are flashing from the bottom right to 1/2 way up. After the argument with the manager minutes earlier I decided to wait until the next day to avoid that chef spitting in my food kinda situation. The next day I load up the tv into the car & drive it to the store. They plug it in & the colors are faded & flashing as before but now there is a line from top to bottom through the faded colors. He calls his manager & he says I smashed the tv. He says I’m responsible for the bad tv & they won’t do anything for me. There are no impact signs, scratches, or anything to support what they say. We go back & forth for awhile but it’s getting nowhere. They called the police to have me thrown out & said “then sue me!” So I am. My lawyers have sent the letters & we’ve started the process. They’ve taken over $900 from me, so I hate that I see their adds on here still.

After looking online, I learned that these places operate buy selling defective tvs. They buy the TV’s that have been returned for problems that aren’t able to be repaired or not cost effective to do so. They then resell them offering in house warranties (which they don’t honor), additional charges they don’t mention (delivery at ridiculous cost) to get the most they can before they upset you. There is never a manager in person. They do this so you’re not mad a the person in front of you, but instead with the guy on a phone so you’re not in a physical altercation with someone. Knowing that the people who would have access to a lawyer or the ability to afford one to combat this situation are those who are usually buying new from name brand stores, they bank on the fact that their customers are less fortunate & barely can afford the tv their buying. This way they can suggest the lawsuit route & not worry that anything will ever come of it.

So how can I prevent others from going through this? I’ve reported the user, reported his adds too. I understand I’m just one person reporting (that I know about) so does it take more? If it’s a user claiming to be a Saudi prince who’s giving away money, it’s clearly a scam but would he be able to continue to create posts too? Will it take others who use this application to lose out on close to a grand also before the original user finally is taken down?
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Yeah this sounds bad. That sucks.

All you can really do is report them via their profile.

OfferUp support techs are the only ones with the tools to do something about it.

Contact the OfferUp Twitter as well.

There are some gov consumer agencies you can also report this to.