I wouldn’t recommend shipping

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I sold and shipped two items now the first item I got paid and money in my account with no problems however on my second transaction with shipping now I can’t get paid until I disclose my full social security number? With ID theft the way it is I think I’ll cut my loss and go back to eBay, how can everything go smooth for the first shipping transaction but then need my social security number before I can be paid for my second transaction? I have to say that’s not a good way to do business I don’t like giving my social security number out and I don’t see why they need it to pay me for the second item?
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Hi there, @Justin1612.


As our Shipping and Payments team has already alerted you - this is coming from Stripe, our payment processor. As you know, we use Stripe to process our payments, and when Stripe can't verify the identity between user and account, they typically require more information. I'd recommend reaching out to Stripe if you're concerned because it is Stripe asking you for your social and not OfferUp.

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I completely agree with you.

It’s sad. OfferUp states in their policy that a social security number would not be needed unless your sales reach a certain limit. Every type of platform similar to OfferUp only needs certain information for payments. A partial social is needed at the most.

I brought up the same issue to customer support. At no time has OfferUp told me that is was not them requesting my social security number. OfferUp customer support told me the same thing over and over about needing my social security number because of the United States Patriot Act. In order for them to track money and how each country determines what type of information is needed to fullfil payments to sellers.

I would post photos of the conversation but offer up deletes their conversations because of their shady platform tactics.
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Is there any way I can delete my ss and my ID picture if I put it in
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Stripe does NOT require FULL SSN. I had the same issue and WILL NOT be using OfferUp for shipping either. Sounds like a identify theft issue waiting to happen. May even be a class action lawsuit.

Do a quick google for stripe website and you can see that their requirements are at most the last four of your SSN....not the full.
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Hey thanks Hotrod. I removed the link. Wish OfferUp was as responsive to my concern!!
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Hey there, @Kenney! From what I've heard from our payments team, the SSN is only required at times where there may be a difference in name between the bank account and the information provided. Definitely reach out to our Payments team if you haven't already done so, and they should be able to give further information.

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And it said it got deposited already
How do you reach out to that department?