Ideas on how Offer Up can minimize flakes?

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Maybe there should be a stat next to someone’s rating on how often a person follow through on transactions, I like how we now see how quickly someone responds to messages so kudos to OfferUp for do that, so maybe something along that line for trustworthiness
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@Mark4 I like that idea! Definitely something I'll let the team know is wanted. 

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Hey @Noelc1133, I'm seeking you out so you can tell us about what your experience has been since this post. I want to welcome you back to the Community Forums to share your ideas and opinions.


Have things improved, worsened or stayed static in respect to the flakes and no shows?

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I am a buyer and I totally agree. I have had at least 3 buyers who respond immediately to say the item is for sale, then wait long gaps of time 3 to 8 hours to respond back. They initiate a 2nd response, you respond promptly to get no response. several hours later item is listed as sold.
This happened yesterday on a listing for 2 American girl dolls recently posted.

Me Are these still for sale?
Seller Yes (immediate response to me)
When would you be available? I would like to purchase both.
No response from 1PM until 0800 the next morning.
Do you want the address?
I respond immediately yes
seller.. no response back.., 8 PM that night both dolls pop up sold.
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I get the message “ if it still for sale” and I reply immediately “ hi yes it is”. Then I don’t hear back. As per no shows, I only meet the buyer at the bank behind my house and stay home until they tell me they are there. Never drive to a buyer. Never.
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I sell stuff for my business on offer up, and if someone sets up a specific time, confirms they are on the way, and THEN flake? Guess what im gonna send them on a wild goose chase if they are selling anything. Its NOT ok to waste peoples time.