If I have a new account how can I get my old buyers sorry for the inconvenience

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There's no way that I know of to get buyers back when you have a new account. I would try to put up some of the same items to see if that entices them to come back.
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Thanks if my account isn’t letting me send messages anymore is it anyway to fix it without making a new account
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What is the error? It may just be a temporary issue.

Whether you're in good standing or banned.

I wouldn't make new accounts in the future without first trying to resolve the old problem.

There is a support link and an OfferUp Twitter Support account for this type of thing.
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It’s telling me to check the community guidelines but how do I fix it is the question if I knew what I was doing wrong I could change it
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That message is often a mislabeled server error.

Often temporary if you've done nothing wrong.


Give it another day and log back in.

If the issue doesn't resolve after this time, contact support for further assistance.
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Thanks I was wondering what to do