Improvemments for buyers

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A few improvements I think would make offer up better.

1. Make search more specific. I specifically look for vinyl records. When I search all kinds of stuff comes up that has nothing to do with what I searched for. Too many algorithms. Too much info. Too much trying to think for me. I only want to see what I search for.

2. Allow filtering OUT what you dont want. You have a feature that's filters what you want to see but you should have a filter of what categories you dont want also. Craigslist is very good with this. You pick and chose multiple categories. Here you only pick one.

3. Easier searching multiple cities. It's a total pain. You should be able to SAVE multiple locations and get alerts for multiple locations. Even if it was a paid feature I would gladly pay for it.

4. Penalize sellers who dont respond. You should ay least tell a buyer if an item is sold or not available. I have recently contacted a seller multiple times only a few moments after they posted. It shows they see my messages but dont respond.

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Unfortunately the problem lies within the seller not so much with OfferUp itself as I've noticed on many occasions the same problems you are facing. The problem is the cellar can label or title what they're selling as anything they would like whether it's accurate to the actual description or not I find that the more broad terms you use the better results as you have to think like the average person so instead of vinyl records just put records or put besides of the record and then records as your average person might not put vinyl and that goes for most any other objects oh, I have noticed that rarely will a person put a brand name when posting an object such as a subwoofer for instance if I type in the manufacturer and model I rarely get what I'm looking for but if I just type in subwoofer or MTX sub I get better results, as far as searching multiple cities all you have to do is change your search area I believe you can also do that in your profile to make it permanent. Widen your search area from the standard 30 miles up to Max if you would like and that will help a bit I believe. As far as penalizing a seller OfferUp Willie wouldn't be able to do that as people lives extremely busy lifes and although I don't agree some just tend to read the post without replying they do have however a badge on the seller's profile that shows their reply rate more often than not a lot of information you need on whether they are a trustee seller or not will be on their profile which includes the star system for a rating there reply rate Etc. Just avoid the ones with poor ratings and I find that I usually do not have a problem with any sellers or potential buyers. OfferUp is still relatively new and definitely have room for growth but that comes with time especially when they are focusing on trying to read out the criminals or criminal Behavior or activities that seem to be attracted to sites and apps such as this which is quite a big task in itself Craigslist has been around for quite some time and they just recently starting getting the hang of optimizing searches and Etc I'm sure what time offer up will find a way to help filter a bit better but if you just keep an eye out for people's profiles and such it might help you avoid that frustrating circumstances that you find yourself facing well it has for me anyway!