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I propose a temporary ban of a couple of days after an individual gets tagged with a certain amount of missed meetings. If this continues perm ban. 

Also I see we have under portfolio number of sales it should also include number of negative reports on the person such as missed meetings. 

I would hope these features would curve people's attitudes. 

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@47th Thanks for the feedback! We are working on a few new features that we think will help with this Smiley Happy Stay tuned! 

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Hi @47th good idea 😊 I totally agree with you, I’m sure OfferUp will address this problem in the future 👍
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How are these new enhancements going?

I left CL because it got shady but up until recently I had 100% show-rate there. My friend recommended offer up.

I have two items posted, I’ve paid to promote and 0% show-rate on these after multiple offers on both.

I’m ready to give up on this app unless you guys are following thru on some changes because it’s thus far been an absolute waste.
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@Elin-when can we expect new features to discourage and/or ban flakes? I’m tempted to start a Facebook page to start listing these no shows. Or going to craigslist rants/raves to get it off my chest. I keep it professional when they don’t show (sorry we couldn’t connect) but it’s amazing how some people will send you enthusiastic messages and then waste your time.
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If you don't want to deal with flakes, use eBay. Otherwise, just deal with it. As Goblin has laboriously noted, people are different.


Unless there is some legal/contractual obligation/consequence, people will do what they do. It may sound stupid, but that is reality. Even if TruYou becomes a requirement for all users, there will be inconsierate flakes that don't care about getting banned,etc. Currently, it is too easy to make additional accounts, so bannning users will not even make a small dent to the problem. If banning is a partial solution, they should start banning MAC addresses instead.


On a positive note, OfferUP is slowly emulating eBay with rolling-out the shipping/PAYMENT system, so maybe the payment system will be the "secret sauce" to discouraging flakes.


Offer a realistic solution to the problem, rather than just stating the obvious issue.