Info needed for old paintings

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There convex water color and very old with signature need info for them
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@Gs83 welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,

Gs83 I would highly recommend talking to @Decades_Antqs In my experience, you will get excellent advice, I’ve tagged them into this thread, hopefully they will pop in and help you, also if you want someone to respond put this @ in front of their usernames so they get notifications to respond back, like I did to your username above. 😎

Thanks @Hotrod@Gs83 I am Decades Antiques ( click on my highlighted name) on FB you are more than welcome to send me pics and I will do the best I can to help, otherwise you need to go to a local art dealer.

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@Decades_Antqs no problem, you’ve always been number one in my book, if anyone needs help, Thanks for dropping in. 🙏

LOL @Hotrod I try! These days I am hopping in my shop with internet and walk in sales. Taking pics, researching and doing listings. Blah, blah, blah....lI try to pop in once in awhile Smiley Very Happy

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@Decades_Antqs great to hear that sounds like your really swamped, but that’s good thing right! lol, ok Decades_Antqs see you around the forum have great night. 👍
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New to this platform.   I am looking how to get my phone number validated. I cannot reply to buyers. I have peopel that want to buy items when i respond to them i get error message that they need to verify my phone.  i get a message that says not a valid phone number.  the number is valid I use it everyday for 25 years. in the mean time people are getting angry that i am not responding to there offers to purchase.  please assist or advise


thank you

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@rhart1 welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,

rhart1 here’s the information how to verify your phone number in the app, if you’re still having issues, I would recommend contacting OfferUp customer care, I’ve added that link below, you can also contact OfferUp through Facebook or Twitter if this option is available to you, people sometimes get this message because it’s a hi value item.

Confirm your phone number

Confirm your mobile phone number with OfferUp and earn a badge to help build community trust. About reputation

Verify your number

Tap Account icon Account
Tap Confirm Phone, or if there’s already a phone number, tap Edit
Enter your phone number, then tap Send Code
Screenshot of Enter Phone Number screen and input field
Check your text messages, copy the code OfferUp sent to you, then return to the app to submit it
Screenshot of a message reading "We sent you a text! Enter verification code," the input field, and the "Didn't receive code" link.
If you didn’t get the code, tap Didn’t receive code to try again.

We won’t share your number with anyone else on OfferUp. Keep using OfferUp messaging to communicate with buyers and sellers without sharing personal information. Verifying your phone number won’t let you make calls through the OfferUp app.

OfferUp will never ask you to provide account information in a chat or over the phone. Other than the initial confirmation message, OfferUp won’t use your number to call or text you at this time.

OfferUp Customer care
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I have sent offer up requtest to verify my phone number at customer care.  when they reply they don't confront the issue.   they cover unrlated topics.  in the mean time i have customers that want to by items. and i can not repsond to them.  any suggestions.


Thank you


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@rhart1 did you try the step by step instructions in my last post, to Verify your phone number through the app on your phone?