Is it such a crime to make a little money selling items of value?

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I had a conversation with a potential buyer interested in some of my Vintage items. He asked if I had more in my collection, I said yes and I will post more if you want, he said "sure please do." After I posted he said "that's way too high" I mentioned I'd work with him if I bundle several items together. He even gave me his number and wanted me to text him pics of these items that were more rare that I've sold already...since he is a collector and knows the value and didnt want me to have sold to low. I sent the pics....he wasn't too sure since they were from other countries. I told him I do my research - check the value, go to the shows, talk to other collectors and so on....and my price is fair. He claimed... yes but don't forget people think it's all about making money on all those sites. Remember it started as a place to get rid of your junk you don't want so people that want second hand stuff now have to pay more just because someone wants to make a business out of it which in the end will hurt the seller because the seller will end up with tons of crap and no sales because their price is to high.
Yes and no.....Im on both ends of the spectrum I mentioned being a (Buyer and Seller). My items sell fast and I always work with the buyer. Remember It is time consuming to take pics, write description, find items, package = (cost money), and ship. Some people do this as a way to make a living without working for corporate assholes. I take 80% of my profit to help fund my non-profit to help the poor and animals in another country. So this is a good outlet to earn money for the greater good. Others want to work from home to take care of parents that are ill, or they have little ones. I also give tons of this so called trash away, we do lots of great things for people in need. I give more away, donate a ton of stuff, and sell the rest.. I sent him a few pics of the animals I work with, he said "that is very nice" Sometimes you never know why and what this is all about. In the grand scheme of things everything is relevant. So if we make a little money here and be it. We never know how much all this helps one another 😁
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@Otis1--Whether you're a buyer or seller you'll come across people who may come across as negative or judgemental, but there are also those people who are great!!

It's up to you to be conscientious & try not to let the things people say effect your outlook. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and experience!!
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I really wasn't taking anything personal, I just wanted to shed some light on the people out there trying to call good quality products junk when in reality (some) of the younger folks don't know the difference between quality antiques and Bobs or Ikea disposable furniture that doesn't last. Or rare Vintage items that go for $100's of $$ more on Etsy and Ebay and we folks here on Offer Up are selling it below cost. I sell on Ebay and Craigslist too, I even compare my pricing across the board here on OU. At the end of the day I don't want to take the fun out of selling so I'll sell anyway and lower my price (Not to the rude buyers!). We should have a book on the difference between Antiques/Vintage items Offer Up education 101. And by all means if you can sell at the price you want to get....high five -at the end of the day you deserve it...
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@Otis1 I couldn't agree more, I build and repair furniture. People bring me this particle board crap, wanting me to fix it. I tell them sorry and send them on their way! I tell them we won't work on something that we wouldn't have built ourselves. IKEA furniture is good for making shelves in the garage.

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Woodguychris you know the difference between quality furniture and inexpensive particle board junk that ends up on the side of the road or in a landfill somewhere. Most of the furniture that is made of real wood is more expensive and lasts forever. Therefore the cost will be more, sometimes we need to educate people on the value if items, and recycle rather than throw away.
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  1. @Otis1  I so agree! Every chance I get I try to recycle old furniture. Infact when I had my store about 70% of the items that we sold, were made solely from recycled furniture. As a wood worker I feel a responsibility to the environment.