Is this app a waste of time?

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Been using this and another selling app for almost two years now and haven't made a single sale. Lots of extreme lowballs, no shows, and straight up scam attempts.

Meanwhile nearly every inquiry on Craigslist has been successful. What gives?
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Hey @Esterlin! Absolutely not! I went to your OfferUp profile to get a better sense of what you are trying to sell and your profile, and it looks like you aren't a TruYou member, you have good pictures but could look into adding more, adding more detailed descriptions, and upload a profile photo. I suggest becoming a TruYou member, more here, uploading a profile photo, really writing in detailed descriptions of the items you've posted, and then see. There are tons of amazing tips other OfferUp community members have shared here on how to be a successful seller. We've shared our own here as well. There is also a huge and active Pro Tips forum that can help you. I hope these links and tips help you Smiley Happy Let us know! 

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Same, I’ve been using this app for almost a year now & I hardly sell. So I go on Craigslist & boom right away SOLD.
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I think a couple factors are at play here:

1) Craigslist has been around for a while and is very well known. It's also more of a process to both list and inquire about buying something. The user has to seek out your listing based on their search, click through the email method (usually), and make contact. It's a commitment and a time consuming process, granted small. This tends to attract and communicate with serious ready to deal buyers. So by the time you're pinged from a Craigslist buyer you know he's already spent time and effort into possibly purchasing your item AND they're ready to make a deal.
While OfferUp is a bit wild west in the sense that the app allows you to one touch ping a seller from their listing without much thought. You have all the photos layed out initially and just click and let's ask the seller a random question. This tends to attract more of the "window shopper" or someone that is maybe kind of curious about the item simply because it looked neat: they're at the "oooh what's that" phase vs the "ready to deal/buy" phase (as Craigslist users are).

2) OfferUp is still in its infantcy. It needs the features online marketplace users want and find attractive. They seem to still be starting up, which is fun for early adopters but doesn't translate to sellers getting buys. I see they still need a lot more of the "standard" buy/sell site options as well as next level features. As the app and services expand I believe this will draw the crowds and buyers moving forward (like eBay and Craigslist that have been around for ages now).

Hope that helps. Those are juts me personal thoughts on the subject. I agree with you on the very low response rates as of current, but can say I've seen it pick up slightly recently.
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@Esterlin @kimbo-slice, I totally agree with everything @Elin is saying,
Come on guy I totally don’t believe it😂 I’ve sold over 200 + items on OfferUp, I believe it’s it the best app out there, I’ve sold on Craigslist list for years before OfferUp app showed up in my area, I sell more items on OfferUp than I sell on Craigslist, the app you get messages like text fast, Craigslist is only emails really slow getting a response back, usually when I listing an item on OfferUp within ten minutes I have multiple offers.
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@ZygyKoz Thanks for laying it out so nicely and easily for people to read and comment. Smiley Happy

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i have SOOOOO many opinions here.  but primarily i honestly believe that O Up is an app used by lots of children while Craiglist is generally an older user who comes from a generation where tact and courtesy were a reality.  to me just the idea that the app is row after row of pictures with NO descriptors or prices SCREAMS i was developed by a child for children with NO attention span. 

i imagine your city maybe a factor.  i am in Vegas. Vegas is Facebook flashy new land.  Craigslist is less popular here.  

i have had a measure of success however so i do not think Oup is a waste of time.

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why is the board not connected to the app?  i'd like to see what this person is offering since she specifically asked about why her listings are dragging (some people do have the crappiest listings). plus i am always curious about which city a person is posting from which i cannot determine.  i often wonder if their location is a factor in the complaint.  

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It's begin to seem that way I get cussed out by someone on this app and I report it and I have someone tell me my behavior is wrong I did nothing wrong he cussed me out cause I wouldn't take his offer
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I think you touch on some good points, but the app is definitely not developed by children (especially compared to competitors, some of them are a mess to use!). I do hear where you're coming from though as many inquiries are just people playing around with no intent or commitment to plan purchasing the item, and wasting our (the sellers) time.

Hmmm, @Elin I wonder if there's been any thought on what can be done to mitigate that? Maybe require a temporary credit card hold to make an offer, but that might discourage buyers.... Or some sort of rating system that counts offers made vs finalized (not flaked) to distinguish real buyers vs time wasters? Not sure what can be done...

Just yesterday I received 2 back to back offers from different users on one of my listings. And it's gotten to the point that I accepted both verbally, knowing there's a high probability one won't come through. I know it's not good practice, but this is what it has come to. And guess what? BOTH "buyers" flaked!