Is this breaking the rules?

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Thanks @goblin and @Lapua, you have given me enough details to get started.  Smiley Happy

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Edit; OfferUp recommends keeping your personal information with the OfferUp messaging system, it’s basically if something happens there’s some kind of record OfferUp can refer to, sharing your personal contact information opens up a door for safety and security concerns not only for your OfferUp account but on a personal level. Users who start their interaction with you asking you to contact them outside the app via phone or email SHOULD be reported immediately to OfferUp!
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I hear you @Hotrod.


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Yes that Google as well Lapua — although I deleted it after a while, forget why. Hmm.


I think you're incorrect in banning occurring.

There's no way OfferUp would know you're giving out this info, unless it turns into a bad transaction.

This is what it says when you give out a number.

"Saftey Tip — Sharing contact details with strangers can be unsafe. We recommend keeping communications within the OfferUp messaging system."

It's more of a recommendation.

Though I agree, keep it within the app as much as possible.
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Edit; Error messages saying your about to Violate OfferUp guidelines

Usually mean you are doing something against OfferUp guidelines, which is fixable! Just make sure you aren't sending out personal information or sending people the same exact message as it may be flagged as spam. This person should help you moving forward. If your still having isues, I would recommend contacting,

You should be able to message after 24/48 hours, if not again contact OfferUp customer care.

OfferUp Customer care

There’s two OfferUp guidelines one for the forum and one for the OfferUp app

OfferUp guidelines app and Community forum

OfferUp App:

Community Standards/Guidelines:

Posting Rules:

Online Community/Forums:

Community Guidelines:
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It used to be that OfferUp would give you "contact info removed" in that past, now they have that Safety Tip

Sure if Elin wants to chime in that would be cool, although as I interpret it — it's not against the rules — just I'll advised.

I'm just here thinking, why haven't I been banned? If it is the way you say.


I see your edit, but wouldn't that assume a buyer would have to report you after he requested the #??
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@Hotrod @goblin


Community Guidelines is the NOT "TOS" (Terms of Service Agreement). They are just sugestions. In fact, it SPECIFICALLY indicates to the "COMMUNITY FORUMS" here..."The OfferUp team may reach out and may remove content from the OfferUp community forums that violates these guidelines."....rather than to the ACTUAL POSTINGS.


Exchanging phone numbers is NOT prohibited in the TOS and within the guideliness in relation to the ads. Now, if you include your phone number within an image of the post and/or within your profile <<<< this act can be a bannable offense (read the TOS).


BTW, Let's be logical and honest..."safety" has NOTHING to do with the reason as to why OF does not want users to communicate outside of their messaging system. Anyone can sign-up with a "throw-away" email address and communicate in the same manner as the OF messaging system.


HINT: It is the SAME EXACT REASON WHY eBay used to prohibit including phone numbers within an ad.

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"Exchanging phone numbers is NOT prohibited in the TOS and within the guideliness in relation to the ads. Now, if you include your phone number within an image of the post and/or within your profile &lt;&lt;&lt;&lt; this act can be a bannable offense (read the TOS)."

My thoughts exact, as I surmised.

The "contact info removed" tag is only used in the main feed nowadays when a bot spots it in the description of an ad.

This makes it public instead of a user asking for it during negotiations.

During negotiations you can send anything really, just proceed with caution.


On a side note, wouldn't it be wise to send a throaway number to a buyer who seems legit interested.

Reason being, if servers are down or you get in app errors you can still communicate.

Consider what is happening now 'OfferUp is forcing me to use TruYou, can't message seller anymore HELP!'

If you had exchanged throwaway numbers you could continue your business while the error is fixed.
I gave out my number once and it will be the last time! The woman i purchased from kept calling me at all hours of the night trying to sell everything but the kitchen sink. She was a drug addict and i had to block her number
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Hello @Sheanabennett, Yes, giving out personal information is ill-advised on offerup.

I see that you are a new member so...

Welcome to OfferUp! Take a look around the different forums join conversations like you just did,  ask questions, hand out a kudo or two, and earn badges.