Issues posting products with option to ship

Hi All,

Just recently Ive noticed the option to ship my items is no longer available as I am posting a new offer. Is anyone else coming across this problem, and of so how did you resolve the issue?

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Literally just did the update and have encountered this immediately after also
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Hey guys - have you verified your emails and phone numbers? 

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Yes I did that along time ago. Had no issues posting shippin option u til the new update and CS seems to be taking the week off after saying they were forwarding me to a payment specialist even though I need tech support. They seem to not care it's the biggest selling month of the year and I am trying to sell stuff that can arrive before Christmas
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@Mj_206 I have also completely lost the ability to offer shipping within the app and I am unsure why. I have been looking around online and was wondering if maybe I was banned or something if someone else who lives in my house also created an account on the same WiFi? I am very confused. I have sold and shipped and been successfully paid on many items already through OfferUp and have never had an issue. Can you please help me? I already lost the entire holiday season worth of selling here.

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@Apella someone making their own account on the same wifi doesnt affect your account. Offerup has no idea if you sign up on data or wifi.
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@Apella Try switching between Wifi and data, then close the app and reopen.  That should bring the shipping option back.  If not, reinstall.  They are aware of this issue and are working to get it corrected.

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Did all that. Still no option. Support never answer my email asking what happened.

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Same. No replies from anyone
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Any update? We are all still waiting and customer support doesn't even reply anymore. Offer up seems to be going downhill fast