Issues posting products with option to ship

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Been almost two months since it happened to me. No fix. Uninstalled. Reinstalled asked CS they sent me to a non existent expert and never replied back after that. Seems offer up doesn't want to fix it or own up to the **bleep** up. Ironically around Christmas to
Im also having the same issue so for now I've been holding off listing anything. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and still the same issue. Has anyone figured out how to fix this issue?
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Same problem - contacting customer service is a joke. They keep asking for screen shots. I have been verified, etc. I installed the app and reinstalled it. Nothing. You would think they’d want this fixed so they could collect the fee
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There is an issue with many users right now that aren't seeing the shipping option.
I believe OfferUp is trying to determine the cause of this but is still unknown. Hopefully this will be resolved with the next release.

There are a few things you can try.
-Re-validate your email address - even if it's already been done!  

1 . Log into the OfferUp app or website
2 Select your Account icon Account page
3 . Tap edit to the right of your email address
4. Enter your email and Select the Confirm Email option . I've had to put a space after my email to get the 'confirm email' option.
Then, close the app and reopen.


Here's more on troubleshooting this issue:


Also, the option will not display if the item isn't eligible for shipping.

I hope this gives you some options to try to get it working.  One other mention...If you have another phone you can try that as well!  I got mine working again when I went to an android phone (I use iPhone). 


Best of luck!


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I'm having same problem!
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Still not working for me
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I'm sorry to hear that.  You can reach out to support to get more assistance: