It goes both ways

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Sellers complaining about buyers, buyers complaning about sellers.


I have been selling online for about 10 years and I had to deal flakes and idiots, both as a buyer and a seller. But the reason I'm still doing it is because my balance is still positive.


I get mad at people who put in low ball offers and who don't show up. But then I meet a buyer who is a nice person and I'm good.


Just tonight I had a no-show for a $15 item after she promised me dearly she would pick it up.


Then a dad came over to buy a bicycle for his daughter, in time, very polite and courteous, and as soon as the young lady saw the bike she was beaming from ear to ear.


My day is good, I already forgot about the no-show. Besides, I still have that $15 item and I'll sell it to someone else. 


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Love this!
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Great post, @RenoHolland! Love your attitude - thanks for sharing Smiley Happy