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I have had all positive experiences wolith offer up until yesterday. I know I am to trusting and paid for letting my guard down. Do not deal with Barawa or Let's make a deal. I had a Samsung Galaxy S6 stolen from me during yesterdays transaction. The short version is he was looking at the phone and pretty much took off with it. There was a little more to it but it was at a bad time and needed the money badly. Any advice on what I can do now?
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@Jamesparmiter welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,
Jamesparmiter I’m sorry this happened, did you report this to OfferUp so the team can investigate it.? If not please do so right away, you can also contact your local authorities, I would recommend taking screenshots of the transaction, including the buyers messages to you and his profile page, in case your local authorities need them. I’m also tagged @Elin Community manager on your issue.
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@Jamesparmiter I am sorry this has happened. We're are extremely committed to the trust and safety of our users and take these matters seriously. Our Customer Care and Trust & Safety team have responded back to you and are waiting for specific information which they've laid out in steps in your emails. Can you please email them back ASAP so they can help you? Thank you so much! 



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Make a police report, the earlier you make it the better.

OfferUp I believe, still works with local police to solve issues like these.

Go into a station if you have one near you.

Hopefully you met this other user in a place with cameras — again the sooner the better as some companies only keep video for a short period.

As hotrod said, take screenshots or ask OfferUp if the other user has blocked you, they may be able to grab messages.
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We never want or expect anything negative to happen but it is reassuring to know that OfferUp has in place a responsive Customer Care and Trust & Safety team.
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I have been using offer up for more than 2 years and there had been some weird incident but i never thought this would happen to me. I choose to meet up in a gas station store with camera rolling and customers around. He came in trying to put a fake sim and claim my phone wasnt unlock. I try with my sim and it works so he wonder around the all the sudden grab my iphone and ran out the door. I was so blank out i couldnt even yell or run after him. I didnt call the police right away but i later report to the police and hopefully they can catch this guy. I think he has done this many times without being caught. I dont know how offer up register someone if something like this happen can they know anything about this user. I feel that having a fake account on offer is so easy and it makes offer up so unsafe. I hope noone has to go to the same thing as i did. I was scared and angry at the same time. I just want to get my iphone back.
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Hello @E17

I am sorry that this unfortunate event happened to you. I would be in a state of shock as well!

I know you said that you reported the incident to the police.

Please file a report on the offerup app too.

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HI @E17,,,,,,,i would probably be just as shocked and surprised if it happen t o me also,,,,,,,,,so far all my transactions have been good,,,,,one was kinda wierd,,the only true you one ive dealt with , im pretty sure was high on meth or heroin or something,,,,,,,,,but anyway,,,,,,,,,i like meeting in a parking lot instead of inside ,partly because that way i have their license plate number and description of thier car should anything like that happen,,,,,,,,,,,,,unfortunately,,,,,all the people are the same as craigs list,,,,,,,offerup can only do so much ,,,,,,,the people are the same people and unfortunately here in my area,,,,,the bad guys dont have a problem with being true you registered ,the cops already know who they are,,,,,and know that if they do get caught ,,,they dont do much jail time ,the jails are full,,,,they get a fine and sent back out to do it again,,,,,its kinda like they are working for the city here,,,,getting a fine is like telling them,,,,,go steal something else and give us the money.

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Something police won't tell you is that it can still be tracked.

There are bigger crimes out there and they don't tell you this partly for that reason. Paperwork / Priority.

They may ask if you have a tracking app, but that doesn't really help if it's not rooted.

If you have the original iPhone box (this goes for all phones) with all the serials they can track it / you can also blacklist it from your provider.
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I have had 1 buyer steal 2 phones when they csme to buy 1 cheap one, i had about 30 phones to sell and when i went to grab my wallet to make change, (less than 5 seconds with my back turned) she must have grabbed them. I didnt have tge change and said we need to go to a store, she says dont wirry abiut it, after she was super wirrued about a phone costing $10 and went with an $8 phone instead? I tissed in a flip phone fir tge difference. She left and i instsntly noticed the phones were gone. Sent a message saying return my phones sge denied it.


Another time my tablet i was using at that time was taken while auditioning home stereo stuff, was in my garge but had to go inside to grab more wire, buyer suddrnly was in a hurry to leave even though just minutes earlier was adiment about hearing everything before paying. He thrn said he'll tske it and paid. I never once thought he would do anthing like that. I reslly had no worries and figured since his wife and kid were wsiting it was because they were anxious abd ut had been a while already. I even tossed in a bunch of extra stuff. Looked fir my tabket to rate the buyer and it was gone! 


Had a buyer bring a friend along, drove up in a Corvette, bought something and the fruend was ibterested in stereo stuff auditioned it fir him and he loved it and bought a few mire itens as well. We all grabbed some items and he put ut in his car, we talked fir a while and tgey were reslly nice guys and we had much in common. Later tgat night i had a ssle fir some smsll bise speakers, i coukd only find 1, went to message the guys asking if tgey grsbbed it by accident since it was simikar to tye dpeakers he bought, but ciukdnt find the message to contact tgem. They blocked me right away! It took days fir OU to repost tge messages so i coukd make contact, about a week or so befire it shiwed up, i asked them if they had it and the original buyer said he'd ask, 2 days later he returned it! So not everone is up to something but i learned to always think that they are and never trust anyone ever.


The guy with my tablet denied taking it even after i reasoned with him, explained that i can see the path it took when i blocked it on google which permanently locks the screen and shiws a nasty message telling the theif to return it. Even though it was worth nothing to him and i onky lost $30 i still had to go get a new SIM and get 1 of my old tabkets activated, took me all night and part if the next morning, super inconvenience! All for nothing, i gave tge ootion to slide it under my garage and i would understand tgat oeopke do stupid stuff and forget about it, since i really did like the guy and wanted to continue selling to him. But it never appeared and he still denies it.


So you are not alone but yiu should have goigle locked it as soon as it happened, once the turn it on and it logs onto google it will be locked and csnnot be used, plus you csn use the GPS to see where it is. If it was wioed google still knows the emie and can locate it even with a changed SIM and new google account. Im not sure if it can be locked if they chsnge the SIM before they turn it on after its wiped.