Its not lowballing its called offer up..

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@KSARASARA--Thank you so much for your feedback!! Even when the offer made is lower then anticipated, it's okay to be polite and decline. Thanks again!!
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Part of the allure to some users! 😊
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@KSARASARA--That's so true!! Thanks so much for your response!! 😀😁🤗
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 "thank you for looking i appreciate your time, if you reconsider coming within reason of asking im always here" and leave it at that.

I LOVE THIS!! Great tip, @VEE41 Smiley Happy Welcome to the community!


This is a classy, polite response.

Nice to know there are dignified, cultured people still in this world.

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Yes it is OfferUp, but OfferUp doesn’t = lowballing! What gets me are those that lowball and when you say NO they go on to trash bash you. Sorry but this is NOT GIVEAWAY! Wish people would use common sense when it comes to making offers! But not surprised at it given we now live in a country that just wants handouts!

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Wow what a heated debate thru these pages :0

I've been buying and selling for years. It's supposed to be a fun game, whether you're buying or selling. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose. I once paid a "fair price" on a phone that was still lower than what they were asking. Met them but didn't get a good look. Guess what, phone screen had a scratch that turned into a big old crack a few days later. Out a hundred bucks. Boo-hoo? Nah it averages out. Buyers take a lot of risks buying used stuff. No warranties remember?

And I've sold things for a few bucks to later find out they were valuable collectables when the buyer relisted the item. Oh my, cry cry? Nah it's just life, don't get so stirred up.

And yes there have been times I've given someone more than they've asked because I knew it was collectible and worth more than they were asking.

My advice, if you're an upset seller posting here, think of this. If you're so attached to something that the idea of selling it upsets you, then don't sell it. Pack it away in a family heirloom box. Those plastic figurines that people had the audacity to offer you $5 when you were firm at $195 each, just pack them away in a big ol' box and be a happier person.

Because hate to break it to you, but not everything you have is really worth what you think it is. When you "research" prices on your item, know that "asking" price is not "market" price. And prices fluctuate based on many many things, too many to list here. You might think your 2 megapixel Kodak Digi-Cam is worth $2400 cause that's what you paid 20 years ago, and you took your graduation and vacation pics on it, etc etc. It's really not worth that price anymore, even though you think you saw someone asking that price on the 'bay. You can get a new Canon 5d Mark IV for less with a bit more mp.

So really what you have are sellers here in this post that are too emotionally attached to "their" items, putting a price tag on their feelings... Which really buyers could care less about. Remember, save those things for your family heirloom box. Even I have items I wouldn't sell because I'm attached to them.

So don't get mad. Really. If someone "lowballs" you, then all that means is that's all it's worth "to them". Got it? Your 30 year old microwave oven might be "worth" $500 to you, but to me it's worth maybe $20 so I can have one in the garage to warm up my coffee. And I might offer you $20 hoping you might sober up enough to see no one has bought it from you in 6 months so there's probably a reason why.

Oh, and btw, if someone messages you and informs you that your used Betty Boop alarm clock that you're listing for $135 is selling new at Target for $20, and it's on Amazon for $17.50, then guess what? They're actually trying to wake you up to the fact you're asking too much! Maybe lower your price to $12 or $15 OBO.

Market value is market value. That's why most stores do something called " price match". The stores (ie sellers) that don't compete with market value prices simply don't sell and go out of business. Why the heck would anyone give you more money for something used that they can buy new with a warranty for less money elsewhere? Would you do that? If so, I've got a whole garage full of stuff I'll sell you for just three times what you can buy it for new at Wallymart. PM me asap. Lol.

So to all the angry posters here, stop getting so bent out of shape. Buying and selling is fun, and if you don't enjoy doing it, then don't. And to those of you that do have fun with it, "Hi!" See you in the market Smiley Wink That's my insomnia thoughts for the night. Lol.
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@Hyundai--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forum!! This is a great opportunity to interact with other buyers and sellers, & community members!!

As I read your post you noted a lot of situations/or similarities that many of us have faced at some time or another. It is important that if there's an item that is a family heirloom to us, we keep it & cherish it because there may never be the right amount of money offered.

At the same time, there may be a buyer who offers you a much lower amount then you're asking for an item, and sometimes it may not be about the money, but instead the way the person is coming across. To say to someone that you can buy an "X" at the store for this much, okay, a seller may not want to hear that. I often think--if that was me, would I like someone to speak to me that way?

At the end of the day, whether a buyer or seller, you have to have common courtesy for people in any situation, essentially treat them in the same manner that you would like them to treat you. Thanks so much for your time and feedback!! I enjoyed reading your thoughts!! Welcome!!
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Buying & selling should be fun! Some of the opinions here I do agree with.
I think what is upsetting is not the low balls on items that can be found at stores for less, it is the items that can be found at stores for 3x what you're asking. I don't have any attachments to any of my items so I can't attest to that factor and maybe you're right there. I can't relate. I do know that some people are just rude and that goes for both buyers and sellers. I do my research if I spot and item prior to purchase, if its priced fairly, I purchase. I don't try to low ball further. If its priced higher than stores, I buy from the store. Its simple and fun either way without being offensive.