Its not lowballing its called offer up..

i get this all the time and want o give up on offer up i like this app by here are scammer all over i have many you’re many people tied to steal us steal my items i have had ridiculously low offers and people like to come met with $50 bucks less then we agreed on i have been told my item didn’t work on one amp chanel and he guy had a ton of audio equipment he probably stole from people he was a con and tied every trick in the book i mae the mistake of letting he hook this amp up a night and he was a jerk accusing me of not willing my amp “it’s been on here along time not one wanted it becouse it don’t work fully “he says he as trying to rush and was very good i aid your a good con i’ll keep my amp he got mad called me names and left i’m glad i have ways to tell the scammers FAKES IM A LOt SMRTER THEN THY THINK AND I HAVE HD PEOPLE MAD a ME OR NOT SELLING TO THM SO THY ISE OR CREATE ANOHR PROFILE THIS IS REALY CRAFTY I KNOW THE CODE ON RIO OFFS AND I WISH I COULD SHRE MY SKILLS BUT THEY ILL JUT LEARN HOW TO LIE BETER IF I DO SO I KEP IT TO MYSELF GOOD JOB ON THIS PP I HTE LL HE ITHER ONES LIKE LET GO HORRIBLE FOMAT AND I HATE SROLLIG DOWN TO LOOK a ITEMS PEOPLE HVE and CLIKING ON ONE HEN OING BACK IT PUHES U UP TOO a HE IRST ITEMS AGAIN RIDICULOUS THING BUT THEES MORE I JUST GET ANOYED WITH .BUT OFER UP IS WAY GOOD THE PEOPLE IN MY CITY ATLEST ARE ALL RIP OFFS AND THER IS not DEALS I FIND DEALS 100 plus miles away and that’s to far .
most people don’t have the full mount or are ellington baby warmer and junk and they low ball me then they agree after i tell them how it is and i had to block Alit if Fake or con people i can tell who u are to many ways one way is NOT TO TRUST ANYONE THATS A WORD TO HE WISE and I DONT LIKE THE CITY IM IN OR THE PEOPLE HERE ARE OVER PRICING THERE TUFF LOW BALLING ME WITH THE $200 dollar item i have for sale they ofer me $20 bucks and used usf u can find the item i’m selling it’s going for $320 and up used so every one wants a deal they need to go to tiajuana mexico and buy a stoke or knock off . this is america and it’s rely sad some can’t even speak english or want me o drive 100 miles to meet or deliver and item i’m selling that cot $40 . you name it i have had so many people make offers and we get to price agreement and ole to meet and they never how uo then later they ask me gain to meet some where else or want me to instal the item first yeh i will give me the cash and pay for the instal and if u do t want it i’m till getting paid for the instal . Rush RUSH RUSH IF YOUR IN A RUSH TO SEEL OR BUY THATS MY FAVORITE I HAVE TO GO CANT GET CHANGE SO IM SHORTING U $40 bucks this has happend and i’m mad as heck i can weed them out always but once in a while i used to give some one the benifit of the doubt NEVER AGAIN 95% of all my offers people have been LIERS THIEVES LOW BALLS AND CONS . 95%
“my motto is “IF U haven’t got the money go find it some were ELSE.”CHEAPER BUY OT FROM SOME WERE CHEAPER . I HOPE THEY DO FIND IT CHAPER AND WITH A DEFECT BUT THEY CAN BUY IT CHEAPER RHEY HVE SAID TO ME . SO GO BUY IT IM FORM I AK $1 buck and they ant to that’s my starting bid $1 what’s your offer i ask well your add says a dollar well sure would u like it delivered gs is only $4, bucks almost a gallon and u live 50 to 80 miles away sure thing when do u ant it ? i’ll rush deliver it for you . i’m such a nick SUCKER i’ll pay you and deliver it free how’s thy sound . yeah rely sure .
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EVERYONE you need to understand that you are dealing with everyday people from the communities around you. Really take that into consideration and keep your head on the swivle. Ive had pleasant and not so pleasant experiences so far with offer up. Im thrilled they have buter protection and a direct link to your account now. Much less of a problem when selling higher end items. I know my area. Have to keep on your toes or you'll be taken advatange of. Thank you offer up for helping me sell my goods in a safe fashion.
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Always respond with a courteous behavior. Id never buy from someone snarky or too a matter of fact. Sometimes kindness and a little wiggle room can close your deal. I might not of sold much but the items i did sell were 300$+ after some polite banter and making your customer feel comfortable you can close the deal. When selling anything over 60$ it takes more then a post unless you have a hard to find or hot offer. Idk good old kindness goes very far. Goodluck!
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Its a insult when you have something that is a good deal and someone is more than rude when the person messages you with just a price they think they are entitled to pay ...i have learned not to even respond to these kinds of offers...I did at first and couple times the person just wanted to be rude and argue. It bothers them when you ignore them so thats what i do...
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I agree. Most people on OfferUp want everything for free or stupid trades. Most aren’t a serious about purchasing anything. This sight and its patrons are worthless.
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They do that to make you mad and usually that don't even get to me I reply if your self haded u would have known the value. Never fight or start argument specially you never know you c that person who u exchanged bad words.
I am new to offer up but what I figure is it must be a meeting of the minds. What will it cost me if I decide later to replace the item. There are those who want to offer less and then take your item to resell at a more expensive amount. That is wrong... I believe fair and considerate offer is appropriate not scandalous. Hopefully both parties are happy. That's what we all want.
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@Stewartlittle--Welcome to the OfferUp Community Forum!! This is a great opportunity for you to interact with other buyers and sellers, along with community members!! Well stated on the importance of meeting of the minds. I love it!!